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Student Access

Students receive an eBook and an online Archer Review account.

  • Live Lectures

  • On-Demand Video Lectures

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Feedback Sessions

  • Learning Activities

  • Practice Questions

Student Access
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Structured Schedule

The schedule indicates exactly what the student will be completing each day. In general, it includes one video lecture (either on-demand or live), a learning activity (such as a worksheet or case study), and specific practice questions

The Ultimate NCLEX Review

A truly comprehensive experience. Intense Prep provides everything you need for a structured, in-depth NCLEX review.

Live lectures

Live lectures that are exclusively available to Intense Prep students twice per week.

On-Demand Video Lectures

Over 50 hours of lectures are available to stream on-demand. Access and repeat at your own convenience. Access duration: 3 months.

Small Group Sessions

Weekly small group sessions covering testing strategies and challenging topics such as prioritization, delegation, and select all that apply questions. Practice in a small group for the opportunity to ask your tutor questions and get feedback on the spot.

Feedback Sessions

Weekly feedback sessions in a small group setting. Review your scores and bring your questions to your tutor for two hours of feedback.

Learning Activities

Meticulously designed practice activities to enhance your critical thinking as you work your way through the course.

Practice Questions

2800+ practice questions in three different testing modes. Detailed answer rationales to enhance understanding.

Live Tutoring

Intense Prep is the most individualized NCLEX review program on the market. With weekly small group and feedback sessions (capped at 20 students each), students create highly customized studying plans with their tutors.

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