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What is the Sure Pass program?

A streamlined multi-step NCLEX review process that ensures students have everything they need to prepare for their exam.

  • 2-Day Live Review

  • On-Demand Lectures

  • Question Bank Practice

  • Learning Assessments

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee*


Customizable Exams

Create customized tests based on your requirements.

Faculty Dashboard

Track your students performance and progress throughout the program.

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

Practice with multiple CAT exams for real-time NCLEX simulation.

Unlimited Assessments

Assess yourself with unlimited assessments to gauge your NCLEX-readiness.

Proven SMART Strategy

Perfect for the last semester of nursing school, the Sure Pass program will guide you through preparing for the NCLEX in 6 months.

  • 6 Months out

    On-Demand Videos

    Begin watching the 50 hours of on-demand lectures.

  • 5 Months out

    Tutor Mode

    Continue watching the on-demand lectures. Start taking 10-20 practice questions from the Qbank per day in Tutor Mode.

  • 4 Months out


    Continue watching the 50 hours of on-demand lectures. Start the worksheets and case studies provided in your notes

  • 3 Months out

    On-Demand Videos

    Finish the on-demand videos, worksheets, and case studies. Continue practice questions in tutor mode.

  • 2 Months out

    Live Review

    Join the two-day live review course for an intensive review of all material.

  • 1 Month out

    Practice Questions

    Take 75 questions per day in tutor mode. Complete a learning assessment every 5 days. Try a practice CAT exam every 7 days.

  • Exam time

    Assess Your Readiness

    Make sure you have 4 scores of 'high' or 'very high' on your readiness assessments. You are ready for the NCLEX!

98% Passing Rate

After students complete the Sure Pass program, they are required to score at least ‘high’ on four consecutive learning assessments. 150,000+ students have trusted Archer and helped us obtain this impressive pass rate through the Sure Pass program.

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How is the Archer Review Q-Bank different?

Our question bank has over 2,800 practice questions. They can be arranged by subject and lesson to ensure students are able to customize their practice based on their individual studying needs. All NCLEX style questions, including alternate format, are included. There is a large emphasis on the answer rationale, so students gain a deeper understanding for the content as they utilize the question bank.

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SINCE 2019,

150,000 +

Students have trusted Archer Review for their NCLEX preparation

Get your students NCLEX Ready

Why do students need Archer Review?

Passing rates for the NCLEX are consistently low. In 2021, only 82.48% of first time test takers passed the NCLEX. For repeat test takers, it was only 43.36%. We can do better. With our multi-step approach, emphasis on helping students understand "the why," and NCLEX-specific testing strategies, we can dramatically improve these passing rates.


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